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Once again about Hamed Danandeh


Hello and greetings to the respected members,
 I am glad that a heaven has been appeared which challenges the unsaid truths about a hospital that seems to be Rouzbeh [Rouzbeh means fortunate], but behind which are unclear and spurious destinies from the forged congress to the truth about a person named Mr. Hamed Dandandeh. About five months ago, I asked one of the friends who was an employee in that dread-land a question regarding the pointed matter and he stealthily stated that in charge authorities of Rouzbeh must pray every night that the subject of H. Danandeh´s file and similar cases would not be revealed, and no matter how many times I asked, I received no answer. After a while I found out that this is just one of the hidden examples of this hospital, and family’s complaints remained futile because of intimate relationship of the head of [Rouzbeh] hospital Mr. Naghavi with Dr. Amini and Jafarian as in charge authorities of Tehran University [of Medical Sciences] and since the daughter of the Minister [of Health] Hashemi was a [psychiatry] resident in Rouzbeh this case has never been followed up, and probably this medical file is related to unknown cases in psychoanalysis unit. Of course, No information is available in this regard but what seems clear is that there is no news about a number of doctors, employees, and patients since then. If you don’t mind, you are kindly requested to get your informed colleagues notified by which may these matters be unraveled. It seems that if the General Prosecutor and the Office of the Supreme Leader and His Excellency Mr. President become aware of it, more effective follow up would be accomplished. As Tehran University [of Medical Sciences] and corresponding Ministry apparently are not neutral referees.
Begging for Pray


  Date of Publish: 8 July 2017