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Sepideh Mirzaei to J. A. Miller

Tuesday, 16 December 2014
Dar Mr.Miller,

It would be a great honor to write you once more about what has been done by Dr.Kadivar and I know I am writing not just for you -as I am sure you are fully aware- but also for those who have more than 150 members in their association, those who learnt to be successful through the shortest time by holding congresses and inviting foreign guests to look unique, important and resourceful. These are what everyone who lives in a developing country – where there is severe lack of awareness – needs to be shown in order to trust.
I start with my experience during those days as a new member attending the Freudian association sections. I remember some ex-members of Freudian association and Dr.Kadivar’s students took some course materials and never returned it and everyone was reminding it as a big regret. At the Freudian association everything was under a restricted discipline and full transparency. All members were training to set a new method of communicating in order to not let any miss understanding strike the solidarity and aims of the association. No one could rest on his/her achievements and slow the acceleration in implementation. It was a lot of pressure on both Dr.Kadivar as a head and members and it took a long time to provide the “statue” which is easily accessible for everyone on the Freudian association website.
Now, the time passed and I see those ex-members and students are making money from the stolen course materials and continue with adding what they would like to add and ruin Dr.Kadivar and members achievements .It is additional burden on Dr.Kadivar and the Freudian association members to not let the robbers take advantage of what they believe they know about Freud and Psychoanalysis. Now, I see although the Freudian association members are not “150 persons”, they know how to work together strongly. They are so strong to work against many years abuse when there was no preserver of Freud, Lacan and Psychoanalysis achievements. When there was no Freudian association of Iran.


Sincerely Yours,
Sepideh Sahar M.Mirzaei Zarandi
Member of Freudian Association


  Date of Publish: 16 December 2014