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The indirect response of the Minister of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Dr. Mitra Kadivar, the president of Freudian Association, at the very same psychiatric hospital in which she was hospitalized by force!!!

[“Symbolism in Dreams”! or a symbolism of another type?]



Borna news agency reports, the Minister of Health at sideshow of a visit to Iran Psychiatric Hospital, in response to the question that “Psychiatrists cannot do the psychologists’ work and there is an overlap in this regard, what is the Ministry of Health plan on this issue”, declared: there is certainly an overlap but a major part of psychiatrist`s job is connected with [practicing] psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

He asserted: in developed countries of the world psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are fragments of psychiatry and just lately a new course named fellowship of psychotherapy was established following the specialty program [of psychiatry] and we also consider the development of this discipline.


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  Date of Publish: 22 February 2016