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Trump CAN’T Win Against Iran – Story Of Hussain (ra) Will Shape ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND WORLD!!!!/ Read comments too plz


Trump CAN’T Win Against Iran – Story Of Hussain (ra) Will Shape ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND WORLD!!!!


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Muslim states need to standup for Iran….its now or never!
How can they beat the Iranians if they can’t beat the Superpoor Afghanistan. Good luck.
You cannt defeat those who are not afraid of death, IRAN ??
Awesome work brother exposed the evil of USA bullying all nations
Anything happens in Iran just attack Israel he is behind everything.
Trump can only win in his dreams ?
I don’t understand why this channel don’t have subscribers in million?
This Ramadan Will Unite Shiica And Suni….. Not include Wahaabis…. lol… Great video… Shukran brother
No more Shia, Sunni please. Unite the Ummah against this oppressed system.
Being an indian and observing what is going on in mu country and in the world i dont fear from anything now cuz i know imam mehdi will come very soon and InshaAllah we will unite
Usa and that Orange head President can’t do a damn thing! Iran/Persia is NOT Libya/Afghanistan Or Iraq! Usa may start the war but Iran will end it! Mark my words.
Trumps boss Satanyahu has been pushing the US for war with Iran for how long? It would be a Vietnam for the USA and the American people know it.
Iranian here,i can’t wait for this war Down with the US نَصرُ مِن اللهِ و فَتحٌ قریب
Long Live Iran and its sovereignty ????
The spirit is always with the oppressed… the mighty power of God will grant them victory…inshallah

SAUDIA CLOWN PRINCE… ???…well said … Need tshirt…fir this sentence ….

Assalamu Alaikum brother thank you my bestest brother thank you you are a truth person
If war tooks place …Insha Allah i’ll definitely Join/apply for Iranian Army ……Mera Faras Mahan
Iran is a wonderful country and great people. They have equally great and powerful allies who will not see Iran suffer.
Imam Hussain (A.S) ♥
Slaam my brother another great video keep up the good work from the uk
Trump is cancer to this world
Turkey is with you iran when iran is done next is turkey thats for sure
We r with iran from pakistany
Iran ??, the birthplace of humanity will never be conquered by any other nation.
Great.. Vedio bro… Allah will reward u for these… With this Hussaini spirit, we all have to defeat and eradicate the satanic ziopigs regime… From the map…. LABBAIK YA HUSSAIN(a.s)
Modern Days Yazidis Americans Modern Days Hussainis Iranians …
US want too turn Iran just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, etc. people of Iran has to choose between US “democrazy” or iranian sovereignty. History repeating itself since the time of Imam hussain (as). This will tell you, evil (horn of shaytaan) will even kill the grandson of our prophet (SAW) for world dictatorship.

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Washington DC does not represent the hearts and minds of the American citizens. DC represents the interests of the Oil Barrons. Who also happen to own nearly everything else. I fear WDC’s hubris combined with their desperation will ignite the Third World War. May God grant life to those survivors to rebuild this planet and a society into a peaceful and intellectual one. War and ignorance are some things that need to be studied, shared and carefully avoided in the future iterations of humankind. Peace brothers and sisters.

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We Sunnis and Shias love Hussain RA except wahabbis here in India every muslim is thought the valour courage and might of Prince of martyrs Hussain RA
hahahaha the weekend riots are going in France not Iran .
Iranians are very strong so Ziopigs and Wahhabis better be careful. Our Prophet’s Grandson Hussain fought against oppression of his time and we need to do the same. The Saudis are descendants of Yazid.
Iran will defeat America Iran should Boycott all the American things in his country This is the best Fight People follow the American Lifestyle,Food, Dress ,and this kind of things is dangerous Boycott their Culture

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Iranians/Persians are natural/brave fighters and Usa nor any other country can NEVER beat them!
Ramadan kareem?..be happy for this month which has the laylatul qadr……may allah bless us in the night of power and reward us with taqwa and love..Ameen
My “dua”are with iran. We need the Ottomans back to help our Arabien and Iranien Brother.
Damn I’m early, I feel there might be false flag attack on a US ship carried out by Israel, like they did with the USS liberty and blame others, in this case ,Iran.
Pakistan stands with Iran Because we will never accept any aggregation near our neighborhoods
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