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Letter from Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein, May 3, 1936



Letter from Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein, May 3, 1936 

Sigmund Freud

Vienna IX, Berggasse 19
May 3, 1936


Dear Professor Einstein

You struggle in vain against my answering your charming letter.1 I really must tell you how delighted I am to learn of the change in your judgment, or at least a move in that direction. Of course I always knew that you admired me only “out of politeness,” and that you are convinced by very few of my assertions. But I have often asked myself what indeed there is to admire about them if they are not true—i.e., if they do not contain a high degree of truth. Incidentally, don’t you think I should have been far better treated if my doctrines had incorporated a greater percentage of error and folly?

You are so much younger than I; and I may hope that by the time you have reached my age you will have become a disciple of mine. Since I shall not be here to learn of this, I am now anticipating the satisfaction. (You realize what I have in mind: “In proud fore-feeling of such lofty bliss I now enjoy,”2 etc.)

With warm devotion and unswerving admiration

Sigm. Freud

Notes to “Letter from Sigmund Freud to Albert Einstein, May 3, 1936”

1 For Freud’s eightieth birthday.

2 Quotation from Goethe’s Faust, II.

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