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Mysterious death of Parviz Homayounpour – claimed “Dad” of sweet Gohar – in the same time as…





Monday, April the 3rd 2017


Close relative:
I am a close relative and family friend of late Parviz Homayounpour, the translator of Milan Kundera’s works.
Gohar Homayounpour in her all over lies and “science” -fiction book has claimed that his father is translator of Milan Kundera’s works!!!!!
I assure you that this claim is patently false and I will send my email address to email address of your association to contact me and examine the truth of my words. I will also provide you with any required documents.
But what is the most terrible thing for me is not this false claim, but mysterious death of Parviz Homayounpour, simultaneous with the date of publication of this trickster book.
In the Wikipedia webpage of Parviz Homayounpour is written that:
Parviz Homayounpour, (born September 1939- died September 2012) Iranian scholar and translator of Milan Kundera works, Czech-French well known writer.
Parviz Homayounpour- on 25th August while swimming in Lake Léman near Geneva, disappeared and a week later, on September the first, his dead body was found. Parviz Homayounpour’s death news was announced by his twin brother, Hormoz Homayounpour on Tuesday 5th September.


And on MIT Press website about the book of this trickster is said that:
Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran
By Gohar Homayounpour
Foreword by Abbas Kiarostami


Homayounpour recounts the pleasure and pain of returning to her motherland, her passion for the work of Milan Kundera, her complex relationship with Kundera’s Iranian translator (her father),


Hardcover | $20.95 Trade | £۱۶.۹۵ | ۱۷۶ pp. | 5 x 7 in | August 2012 | ISBN: 9780262017923
eBook | $14.95 Trade | September 2012 | ISBN: 9780262306904
Note that e-book release took place in September 2012, means that they waited until they become sure of the death of claimed father and then publish these vices on the Internet!!! They have certainly kept the paper copies in their warehouses to distribute after death of that deceased.
Imagine! Homayounpour was sitting and coolly writing monstrous lies about a fake father with this full confidence that when these lies will be printed the “subject” (According to detective books) is extirpated!!! Homayounpour or anyone else who wrote these contents for her.
You don’t think that just for the theses other people receive the order and write them?!
But between us, whenever I read the Stefano Bolognini comment on this link, I am convulsed with laughter. Really, is it possible that the IPA President be so naïve ?!
Is not this very fact questionable that such an empty content, One Thousand and One Nights- like book (as Julia Kristeva says) that is allover short fiction stories to ridicule Iranians’ behavior and manner, be published by MIT Press and quickly be awarded by Gradiva award? Not [means] that Gradiva award is really valuable, but at least MIT Press is a publisher that respects itself.
From the very day that I read this so-called book of Homayounpour and confronted this amazing claim of hers about the translator of Milan Kundera’s books I have always watched her closely. I assure you that at the Freud Museum she was not able to even read “her own book” and it was absolutely clear that she was not master of its contents, either.
Who have written this fiction book for Homayounpour and published it for her and what was their purpose by this work?
Who this Gohar Homayounpour really is and where has she come from? Does anyone know her family? Is this really her name or it is just an assumed name? Why does she make a father for herself falsely, who is her own father though? And why should the father she makes for herself face such a death?

It might not be bad if you put this article in the section of “suicide”+ Sadegh Hedayat of your website as well, so I would, in my part, add one case to this long list of mysterious deaths that happens around this mafia band. I am just worried that now the people who were present in this so-called lecture of Homayounpour in Freud Museum, face mysterious deaths, let alone close relatives of late Parviz Homayounpour.

I add that as far as I have researched personally and followed the articles of your website, the preparation for forceful hospitalization of Dr. Kadivar and following that, her physical elimination started since this very September 2012, too!

Another extremely interesting point is that for a long time in website of this BGSP corporation it was claimed that Homayounpour has obtained her “Ph.D.” from a branch of this corporation in Vermont, named VGSP, but after website of Freudian Association wrote some articles regarding that, this article about the place of obtaining the “Ph.D.” of this “dead- father” was deleted completely from the website of this corporation.

Please do contact me. There are also other things that I didn’t consider it advisable to mention them here.

With many thanks for your efforts for enlightenment of these asleep people and as you say “zombied”.



  Date of Publish: 20 April 2017