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The only “Gohar Homayounpour” whose records exist in USA is 57 years old!!!




Good friends of Freudian Association,

I appreciate your publishing my comment on your website. As I mentioned before there are also other things about Gohar Homayounpour and her identity which I sent you some of them. Now, I request you to publish these articles that I send you as well at your discretion. You can certainly check their accuracy, yourselves, too.

In my previous comment, I raised these questions:

“Who have written this fiction book for Homayounpour and published it for her and what was their purpose by this work?

Who this Gohar Homayounpour really is and where has she come from? Does anyone know her family? Is this really her name or it is just an assumed name? Why does she make a father for herself falsely, who is her own father though? And why should the father she makes for herself face such a death?”

Now, I try to answer some of them.

With a simple search on some websites based in the United States of America, in which you can search the records of people and get information about them, very interesting information about Gohar Homayounpour can be obtained. I note beforehand that according to the law of the United States, circulation of Information is free and access to information is of the rights of citizens, therefore, to gain this information nothing special has been done, in addition the access to them is completely free. In fact, many of these websites have been launched by the government of America itself so the freedom of information laws is being respected and supported by the government itself. Of course, there are also non- governmental websites that provide you with personal information of people in exchange for money that I don’t include their information in my report because it is possible to be claimed that handing over the money can cause a bias in the accuracy of information.


On all the searched websites all over the land of America, only and only records of “one” Gohar Homayounpour exists. She really has lived in Massachusetts, has two addresses in this state in Brookline and Brighton, but there exists only a small problem which is, this “only” Gohar Homayounpour is 57 years old!!! She was born on the first January 1960 and from October 2005 to March 2008 lived in America and has lived in the very two above mentioned addresses!!!

You be the judge of that.


Document number one:


Here is the link of document number one:


The second document confirms the same information.


And here is the second document’s link:


And the third document:

On this website there is no information about Gohar Homayounpour but since in the first document it is mentioned that “Also Known As Gohur Homayounpour” search for Gohur name gives the following result.


Link of the third document:



Furthermore, since after 2008 no trace of this 57-year-old Gohar Homayounpour is available, this probability is not low that she has been eliminated just like Parviz Homayounpour.

Thereby hangs a tale!


Close relative of late Parviz Homayounpour



  Date of Publish: 3 May 2017