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Another scandal of a “third world country”

Written by: Mandana Danesh


Is Psychoanalysis possible in the Islamic Republic of Iran?” It certainly is a greatly wicked question. But…


But there is an entirely appropriate, reasonable and honest question: Is a fault-free teamwork, that requires being on time and synchronized, possible in this “country of flower and nightingale”[*]?


Until a few days ago, my answer was adefinite “no” until….


Until Gohar Homayounpour and herintimate friend Esmat Torkghashghaei proved the opposite.


These two people’s being on time and synchronized is truly beyond the realities and possibilities of this country.


Right on February 17,2013Gohar Homayounpour sends her email to Jacques-Alain Miller, and exactly on February 17, 2013 Esmat Torkghashghaei succeeds to publish her «first-hand testimony» at the electronic magazine of Elizabeth Roudinesco, the sworn enemy of Jacques-Alain Miller.


Wow … These two people are marvelous!!!


These two have made the impossible possible!!!


This is not unwarranted that Torkghashghaei talks about for my part. “Task division”, “job description” and“work ethic” among Mafias is exemplary.



Oh yes, on the same February 17, 2013 a text from Sophie de Mijolla is handed over to the band of Roudinesco,mentioned as “importance: high”, that apparently is about the “situation of psychoanalysis in Iran”. Of course those who know these jerks very well, inform Jacques-Alain Miller and hand it over tohim and he forwards it to Dr. Kadivar then.



But this is not much yet…



When four years before the [Sanati’s] Congress of Degradation, Nader Barzin writes down the script of Sanati’s talk [in that congress] for him about”History of Psychoanalysis in Iran” and four years later Homayounpour and Sanati and Sophie de Mijolla celebrate theirconspiracy in Iran, one comes to the conclusion that these Mafias definitely have time-machine.



This is interesting that this so-called report of situation of psychoanalysis in Iran, in which Nader Barzin registers the whole psychoanalysis of Iran to the name of Mohammad Sanati (just like Saman Tavakoli in that well known year of 2013), is published exactly 2 months after the time that Jacques-Alain Miller in the opening ceremony of Popular University of Jacques Lacan glorifies 16- years- old efforts of Dr. Kadivar for promotion of the position of psychoanalysis in Iran. Rightafter that she (Dr. Kadivar) had given a report about her 16-years activitiesin the annual congress of Ecole de la Cause Freudienne (ECF) in November 2009 [1],in which 2500 audience had stood up to her respect and applauded her at the end of her report.



Yes Just 2 months after this honorable event for Iran and the Iranian.



You know those wretched people do everything to have their own “Miller” and their own “history”. We haven’t forgotten falling in love of Sophie de Mijolla and her band with Persian language.



I remember that several years ago a friend of mine who was a psychiatrist told me that Sanati did his best to get Dr. Rafatian employed in Roozbeh ” because he [Dr. Rafatian] had studied in France and had known well about psychiatry and especially psychoanalysis in France”. My friend added that “insomuch as Sanati feels insecure from Dr. Kadivar”.



Today I think to myself that Sanati was certainly right to feel insecure from Dr. Kadivar because he knew from then on that if some body can show his quackery and decry him,that is no one but Dr. Kadivar.


It is interesting that just now I begin to understand Jacques-Allen Miller’s answer to Amir Abbas Keshavarz, where Miller refused anything to be mentioned about Rafatian[2].(Of course you remember that Amir Abbas Keshavarz had a quick and agile “psychoanalyst” to “evaluate”(!!!) Dr. Kadivar, while at the same time begging for collaboration of Dr. Kadivar’s analyst himself!!!!!!![3]. What really these “tradesmen of soul” imagine about psychoanalysis?)


Also I refer you to the comment in which it was stated that how Sanati recycled Homayounpour out of garbage of [a consultation center known as Tehran] Psychoanalytic Institute to make use of her in his Mafia’s network.


The presence of Gohar Homayounpour in Academy of Arts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while she even doesn’t know how to read and write properly in Persian is another scandal of a “third world country”, and is the result of the efforts of widespread Mafia’s network of Mohammad Sanati.


Likewise, the answer to the question “La Revue de Téhéran, how this conference caught your interest?” is being found as well.





[*] [A Persian idiom]




[2]. “If Dr Rafatian is Abdi Rafatian, with the following Google address I would say it is highly unlikely Dr Kadivar would cooperate with him, and I would not accept myself to be involved with him. I strongly advise keeping him outside this case.”( XXX – De : JAM ہ : Dr Amir Abbas Keshavarz – Date : 16 janvier 2013 01:08:01- Objet : Dr Mitra KADIVAR)




[3]. “A- We found a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in Iran, graduated from France. He is Dr Rafatian. He wants to talk to Dr Kadivar’s analyst to know her past history. If it is possible, send me his or her name and telephone number. I forwarded your number to Dr Rafatian and maybe he calls you.” (XXX- De : Dr Amir Abbas Keshavarz ہ : JAM- Date : 15 janvier 2013 21:33:34- Objet : Dr Mitra KADIVAR)


  Date of Publish: 20 February 2016