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About us

About us- Mansoureh Ardeshirzadeh

“Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo”[1]

“If I cannot bend the Higher Powers, I will move the infernal regions”

We are Freudian Association members. There is no doubt about the cultural nature of our activities under our association’s name. Our membership is not because of our educational or occupational degree, but is due to our desire; the desire to acquire the Freudian-Lacanian science, and our common experience is to be the students of the Freudian-Lacanian field under supervision of Dr. Mitra Kadivar, who is the only  WAP analyst member  in Iran and the most parts of Asia, who has been Freud and Lacan student from a long time ago.

Yes, this association was established by people who live their teacher’s lessons every second of their lives, people who are practicing “Moral Responsibility for the Content of Dreams” [2], people who are learning that “The Unconscious is not treated” [3] and that “desire” is linked to “responsibility“.

Psychoanalysis was born in Europe more than a hundred years ago, it is an experimental science established by Freud. In Iran, the birth of psychoanalysis was when Dr. Kadivar came back to Iran, she’s been trying vigorously and her uninterrupted endeavors to spread and extend psychoanalytic discourse in the Iranian society.

Here until now, what you’ve obtained, whether in these classes or through your personal analysis,  has been the result of several other people’s desire outside of your own existence. The result of my desire and others who have backed me up… to be able to do this… this desire did something, created something that was not at all demanded, let alone desired for.” says Dr. Kadivar. [4] in Freudian Field  – Lacan School classes, on 2005.

This way the master’s desire created the student’s desire, and the master recognized this desire and showed the path in order for this backwardness which she called “underdeveloped desire” [5] to traverse a hundred years and to establish an association of passionate souls so that the “ the cause of the path” will shine a light on the darkness of their paths.

So, this association with the presidency and leadership of Dr. Mitra Kadivar aims towards “Introducing psychoanalysis to Iranian society and increasing public’s knowledge of it” [6] started its activity  to introduce “Freud by Freud” [7] to psychoanalysis enthusiasts and in order for all people to know that “Psychoanalysis  means Freud and Freud  means Psychoanalysis” [8]. All these years the association has been doing its best to “prevent weed growth in the Freudian farm“.[9]

Throughout these years, we’ve known that the thing called psychoanalysis teaching should start from ourselves, in other words there is no way for us to acquire it other than through the process of personal psychoanalysis.

There is no border between outside and inside; the process of personal psychoanalysis is not separated from doing activities for the association. “Psychoanalysis in Extension is not separated from psychoanalysis in Intension.“[10] One of our logo’s elements is the   “Moebius Strip” ; “it is only because the two sides are continuous that it is possible to cross over from inside to outside (or vice versa).“[11]


The transparency is our basis, so we’ve established our official website, beside our other activities, to take another step forward in order to introduce Freud and Lacan to  Iranian society. We publish all news and events that are related to our activities in order to show everyone that our activities are clear and continuous.

Mansoureh Ardeshirzadeh,

Freudian Association member


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About Us- Marie Moradi
Freudian Association has been established with the aim of introducing psychoanalysis to Iranian society and the attainment of  its real and  worthy position in Iran. [1] We should bear in our mind that without any doubt “when we mention psychoanalysis, merely Freud is meant, and when we mention Freud, merely psychoanalysis is meant” with no prefix or suffix. [2] The sentence; “Psychoanalyst literally is exclusively Freudian, even Lacan is just a return to Freud”, [3] is another emphasis on this fact.
Since “one cannot get acquainted with Freudian knowledge cursorily, only through the study or through what one sees or hears and the things said and heard, therefore this is the knowledge that we have to experience it with flesh and bone”, [4] and “since this knowledge “ disturbs long and perhaps eternal sleep of humanity”, [5] this has always been and will be subject to “resistance”, [6] “various opposite forms of scientific community” [7] and “distortion” [8]
Freudian Association with “presidency and guidance” [9] of Dr. Mitra Kadivar the only WAP psychoanalyst member in Iran, [10] is a boarding and uninterrupted preserver and guard for Freudian “seed” [11] “which has been surrounded by a lot of weeds and still is.” [12].
A salient dominant feature of this Association is literally orderliness and discipline. As  we speak of “bureaucratic regularity” in psychoanalysis sessions. [13] “an Association which is attributed to Freud, in terms of disciplinary regulations, cannot be less than what exists in the Olympic Games or the World Cup” [14]. “In Freudian Association, “ credit must be acquired a new every day with the sunrise, and nobody could  lay on one’s past glories and honors and does whatever he/she wants”[15].
Freudian Association is somewhere  in which sleep is not permissible; even when you are asleep: “we are responsible for our dreams according to Freudian ethics”[16].
Marie Moradi, Freudian Association Member
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