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“Freudian Thursdays” Conferences for Large Public

“Freudian Thursdays” is a series of conferences for Large Public  held by the members of “Freudian Field – Lacanian School” group under the supervision of Dr. Kadivar from  October  2005  to November  2007 on  a monthly basis, the last Thursday of every month in Tehran. In these Conferences, some of Freud’s articles were presented, these articles were translated and taught under the supervision of Dr. Kadivar  in  Freudian Field – Lacanian school “classes.

The  affiches of these Conferences  were distributed in more than 200 locations in Tehran as well as in  Isfahan, Shahrekord, Rasht, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Kashan and Shiraz in the academic and cultural centers, and anyone interested with any educational level in any field, could take part. Sometimes the number of participants reached up to one hundred twenty.

The Audio files of all conferences are available for sale in a DVD by Freudian association. You  are referred to  the following addresses or can contact the number below in order to have the DVD delivered to you. Each DVD costs ten thousand Tomans if you would like to buy it personally. Delivery in Tehran or other citiesby post  [costs twenty-five thousand Tomans.

* Freudian Association Office:  Unit 63, Floor 6, Saba Bldg., At the corner of west Atefi St., after Esfandiyār crossroad, Nelson Mandela (Africa) Ave., Tehran- IRAN. Phone No.: +98-21-22025937

* Razi psychiatric hospital, Shahid Rastegar Blvd., Shahr -e- Ray, Tehran- IRAN. Phone No.: +98-9122474843+98-9125174754

*Floor 6, Aseman Bldg., Khaje Abdollah Ansari St., Shariati Ave., Tehran- IRAN. Phone No.:  +98-21- 22856832, +98-21- 22850538

*Mehr counseling center, Floor 4, Borna Bldg., at the corner of 25th St.(Ghare Tappeie St.), Saadat Aabaad Ave., Tehran- IRAN. Phone No.: +98-9125140124


Titles of Conferences

1.  First session:  Dr. Kadivar’s introduction

2. Second session: audio file of Dr. Kadivar’s introduction (second session); “The Detective And The Analyst”

3. Third session: Freud’s “Introduction” on “Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis”

4. Fourth session: “Psychoanalysis and psychiatry”  Part one

5. Fifth session:  Summary of Freud’s eleven articles about Dreams

6.  Sixth session: “Moral Responsibility for the Content of Dreams”

7. Seventh session: “Explanations, Applications, and Orientations”

8. Eighth session: “Difficulties and First Approaches”

9. Ninth session: Summary of Freud’s three articles about Parapraxes

10. Tenth session: “Resistance and Repression” Part One

11. Eleventh session: “Resistance and Repression”  Part Two

12. Twelfth session:  ”Wild Psychoanalysis

13.Thirteenth session: “Psychoanalysis and Psychiatry” Part Two

14. Fourteenth session: “The Premises and Technique of Interpretation” Part One

15. Fifteenth session: “The Premises and Technique of Interpretation”  Part Two

16. Sixteenth session: “The Sense of Symptoms”

17. Seventeenth session: “Freud’s Psychoanalytic Procedure”

18. Eighteenth session: “Family Romances”