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Following the last warning to the Tavistockian Ministry of Intelligence, until further notice, both Tehran Psychoanalytic Center and Freudian Sundays classes are closed down. Dr. Mitra Kadivar

       30 October 2019

For the last time I warn the Tavistockian Ministry of Intelligence, if you don’t stop harassing me, Tehran(Africa) Psychoanalytic Center will be closed down either. Dr. Mitra Kadivar

       21 September 2019

Due to increased harassment of Dr. Mitra Kadivar by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence, until further notice, her psychoanalysis sessions will not be held either.

       24 July 2019

Due to excessive harassment of Dr. Mitra Kadivar by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence, until further notice, no content will be published on this website. If the harassments continue, the Tehran Psychoanalytic Center and the Freudian Sundays classes will be shut down too.

       9 July 2019

Why were the Iranian Empires so Successful?

       8 July 2019

Where Are the Skeptics as the Drums Roll for War with Iran?

       15 June 2019

Ex Intel Boss: It Is Impossible For USA To Defeat Iran!

       13 June 2019

SCOTT BENNETT, US Army Special Operations Officer – Global Psychological Warfare, Speaks out

       12 June 2019

Fin de Benslama de Roudinesco!

       25 May 2019


       14 May 2019

Trump CAN’T Win Against Iran – Story Of Hussain (ra) Will Shape ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST AND WORLD!!!!/ Read comments too plz

       12 May 2019

Iran Nuclear Deal Falling Apart, As Conflict in Persian Gulf Inches Closer

       12 May 2019

What hallucination reveals about our minds

       8 May 2019

Ancient Atomic War

       8 May 2019

Tavistock Institute

       26 April 2019

Tavistock Institute, CIA, MIT, Mass Mind Control

       26 April 2019

Are the United States and Israel Entrapping Iran to Close the Strait of Hormuz?

       25 April 2019

Mitra kadivar and Barnaby Barratt’s Correspondence

       20 April 2019

Mitra kadivar and Jeremey Holmes’ Correspondence

       20 April 2019

Traitor!’: Riots erupt in Ecuador capital over Assange arrest

       20 April 2019

S’il avait lui-même incendié Notre-Dame, Emmanuel Macron n’aurait pas parlé autrement

       19 April 2019

Geopolitical Blowback From U.S. Decision Targeting Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

       14 April 2019

CrossTalk: ‘Management of Savagery’

       13 April 2019

US Military ‘blowback’ from Iran to Libya explained

       7 April 2019


       7 April 2019

Benslama démissionne !

       3 April 2019

Seven Faces of Iranian Civilization

       3 April 2019

The only “Gohar Homayounpour” whose records exist in USA is 57 years old!!!

       5 March 2019

Mysterious death of Parviz Homayounpour – claimed “Dad” of sweet Gohar – in the same time as…

       5 March 2019

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

       4 March 2019

Fighting spring with winter

       1 March 2019

Rabbi Yosef Berger: we should prepare a crown, since the first act of the moshiach will be to restore the Davidic Dynasty

       28 February 2019

Gay & trans sex education to be taught to 5-year-olds in UK and opting-out is illegal

       28 February 2019


       27 February 2019

CNN SHOCKED SPEECHLESS When Congressman Questions Syria Chemical Weapons Story

       27 February 2019

Plastic China

       24 February 2019

Cash for Khashoggi Tour

       23 February 2019

Main Stream Media Vortex of Lies

       23 February 2019

“Hitler Was A Rothschild” -James Corbett

       21 February 2019

CDC’s Own Expert Vaccine Court Witness Confirmed Vaccines Can Cause Autism, So They Fired Him Immediately

       20 February 2019

I Love You, Iran!

       20 February 2019

Ancient Aryans of Anatolia

       18 February 2019

Watch Mike Pence gasp when no one claps at his terrible applause line

       18 February 2019

Proto Indo-Europeans – Aryans – Iranians

       13 February 2019

Trump – How you are ruined by your big ego!

       6 February 2019

Trump Regime Launches Coup in Venezuela: Here’s What You Need to Know

       5 February 2019

BBC host Andrew Neil takes SAVAGE swipe at Macron – ‘that’s what you call desperation’

       2 February 2019

The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: A new beginning for the Middle East

       29 January 2019

Is US preparing for a new big war?

       24 January 2019

Déclaration de trente gilets jaunes

       24 January 2019

Iranian Concert – Shajarian & Dastan Group

       15 January 2019

American Traitor John Bolton Sold Out the USA to Israel

       7 January 2019

Wonderful Iran by French Photographer

       31 December 2018

Gen. Albert Stubblebine: No Plane hit the Pentagon

       29 December 2018

Rush Hour in Different Countries Like You’ve Never Seen It

       24 December 2018

A World Full of Marvel, Wonder and Miracles

       17 December 2018


       17 December 2018

Macron the “bankster” throws 100 euros in front of each protester!

       12 December 2018

RT America explains why Russian Nuclear Bombers are in Venezuela

       12 December 2018

On n’a pas d’armes, on n’a même pas de haine!

       11 December 2018

Urban Battle on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris

       11 December 2018

‘Disconnected’ Macron

       10 December 2018

The Truth Behind Trump’s “Space Force”

       9 December 2018

CrossTalk: France Goes Yellow

       9 December 2018

1953 CIA Coup

       1 December 2018

Our Wonderful Iran

       29 November 2018

Incredible series of coincidences

       2 November 2018

Wikipedia – A Tool Of The Ruling Elite

       24 October 2018

The Truth About Benjamin Netanyahu’s Anti-Iranian Propaganda

       21 October 2018

Brainwashed: The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada

       20 October 2018

Dozens of Georgians likely killed by US toxin or bioweapon disguised as drug research – Russian MoD

       5 October 2018

Trump’s Soft Disclosure and the Space Force

       30 September 2018

The Whole World Just Laughed at Donald Trump

       27 September 2018

The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat

       25 September 2018

Bayer + Monsanto = A Match Made in Hell

       24 September 2018

How Presstitutes Rob America of Peace & Prosperity

       19 September 2018

Ron Paul Blasts Neocons: Leave Syria Alone!

       16 September 2018

CIA Agent Whistleblower Exposes The Shadow Government

       16 September 2018

Ancient Aryans Around the Globe

       11 September 2018

What You Are Not Being Told About the Afghanistan War

       17 August 2018

Assad Wins: Voting With Their Feet, Syrians Come Home

       12 August 2018

Jerusalem, the Cup of Trembling That Intoxicates the World

       11 August 2018

CIA Plots Iran Coup – Partners With Terrorist Group

       7 July 2018

Henry Kissinger: “If You Can’t Hear the Drums of War You Must Be Deaf”

       2 July 2018

The Truth About Israel’s Role in the New World Order

       13 May 2018

Israel Accused Of False Flag, Leaked Docs Reveal US Iranian Regime Change Plan & EU Rejects US

       12 May 2018

Netanyahu is Baiting the U.S. Into Invading Iran Because “WMDs”—Feeling Déjà vu?

       12 May 2018

Zionist Plan for the Middle East: ONLY IRAN LEFT

       25 April 2018

Why Trump Bombed Syria

       25 April 2018

The Origins of Psychiatry

       11 February 2018

Psychiatry the Dangerous Pseudoscience

       11 February 2018

Psychiatry’s Master Plan for Control

       11 February 2018

New York Times: Trump wants war on Iran

       8 February 2018

Wilkerson: On Iran, Trump Follows the Iraq War Playbook

       7 February 2018

20 Common Characteristics of Highly Intelligent People

       27 January 2018

7 Civilizations that Reached America before Columbus

       22 January 2018

How To Engineer A Crisis

       19 January 2018


       13 January 2018

GEOHISTOIRE: Des Grands Empires Perses à la Republique Islamique: Ce que la Perse nous a offert

       27 December 2017

Le Point: La Perse, de Cyrus le Grand à l’Iran d’aujourd’hui

       27 December 2017