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To J. A. Miller about M. Sanati & G. Homayounpour

دوشنبه ۲۴ آذر ۱۳۹۳
Dear Mr. Miller,
I would like to take this opportunity and add some other points regarding the “Pivot of Sanati- Homayounpoor” that provides a variety of misleading issues in “psychoanalysis” in Iran and gain a lot out of Iran.
۱- Sanati is such a trickster that in past 31 years has been telling that he is a psychiatrist and has a fellowship in psychotherapy. But it is just the beginning: based on these false degrees he claimed that he is a “psychoanalyst”. And it is just after disclosure of “Freudian Association” that people are paying a little attention to it, while the in charge people who say something, are just denying the fact and supporting him.
۲- Since then, many people came to Q & A part of our website and said different things:
– You are disrespecting an old painstaking person.
– We know it but let’s forget about it and continue with lessons (of Dr. Kadivar) on your website.
– This place is just a place for cheap discussions, backbiting and disgracing others while there are more important issues in the world.
– Why don’t you publish any lesson in French from Dr. Kadivar?
– We know that he is not a holder of psychiatric degree but what’s the use of revealing this fact? There are several people who have done the same and this one won’t be the last.
۳- Some people were named “psychoanalysts” by Sanati himself and analyzing (!) clients as Sanati does, or they are on the other side of the pivot; they are followers of Homayounpoor or her patients and etc. So for the sake of their trade (mental trade) and business, they have to keep being quiet but our responsibility is different, as the president of our association says: “…We are an NGO that has come (for it) that anywhere we think (if) an issue in this country was in another form would be better, (we) would do that. [1]
۴-They start with denying his false degree and end with denying the fact that he is not a psychoanalyst and abusing people by this title; as this title is very tempting in Iran not only for psychotherapists but also for patients:
– People in our country think that the university degree in psyche-related fields definitely leads one to be a “psychoanalyst”. No training is talked about.
– In Iran when you tell somebody I studied psychiatry, psychology or psychotherapy they say: “so you are a psychoanalyst.”
– When you say I have a problem in my life or whatever, they say: “You should go to a psychoanalyst.” And who describes the definition of psychoanalyst?
– It looks like a market of psychoanalyst and everyone is trying to be more famous and wealthier and in this mixture, this is the aim of psychoanalysis that is being hurt first. (Such as what Freud mentions in the article: “wild psychoanalysis”- ۱۹۱۰)
– Here anything that has the part “psych” is taken the same as “psychoanalysis” and this is not between common people, even (or better to say firstly) between university educated persons in such fields: they easily and with no limitation pretend that they are psychoanalysts, that they can interpret people’s dreams and what they give to their patients is a mixture of what university has given to them along with their own misunderstandings.
۵- The problem gets worse when even the people who are in charge say so: the vice- chancellor of Education of Ministry of Health of Iran said that: “Psychoanalytic course is a part of specialty and fellowship programs of psychiatry.” [۲]
Here are some points:
– This is said from Ministry of Health, a section of government that is supposed to be able to differentiate differences between fields that their names start with “psyche”.
– This is the Deputy Minister of “Education” who said it, who is in charge of changing courses plans.
– He has reduced psychoanalysis to just a “course”.
– This is psychiatry which is being fed to be bigger and bigger. Why then? At what cost?
You can see how happy and shocked we were hearing: “… Ministry of Health and members of parliament of Belgium recognized the being special of the discipline of psychoanalysis.” [۳]
۶- People in Iran know it well that if you want to be a mystic (in Persian: A’ref) or pass the steps in such way, you should have a guide who has passed this long and difficult path himself to become a guide. People know it for this case, but when it comes to psychoanalysis they forget about the longitude of the way and the efforts one should make. I wonder if it is because of the effects of wild psychoanalysis or something else.
۷- The idea that by going to a “psychoanalyst” you’ll become a “psychoanalyst” is what the “Pivot of Sanati- Homayounpoor” is developing and publicizing; “So how come we have about 150 members in Tehran and Mashhad, and a continuous and insistence desire for new members to join?” [۴] and continued ““Desire” for Psychoanalysis” but we see “greed [5] for new members not for a real “psychoanalysis”” .Only after 20 years effort of Dr. Kadivar, the president of 2 associations; “Association of Communication with WAP” and “Freudian Association” (since 2007) are there only 4 students of Dr. Kadivar who are allowed to do the preliminary “psychoanalysis”, just in her office and nowhere else, while Homayounpoor says that her group has more than 150 members (and most of them are analysts!), just in 7 years?! Whereas she is an about 35 year old “young woman” (as she refers to herself in The Paradox Called Iran) [6] and wasn’t here continuously for 7 years?! Unbelievable! This is the difference between the real “psychoanalysis” and “wild psychoanalysis”.
No one asks the possibility of it! What is the difference between this “Freudian Association” and “Freudian Group of Tehran”. (Even their name is stolen from Freudian Association).
Freudian association is a registered NGO (non-governmental organization). 7 years ago, regarding the establishment of an NGO, Dr. Kadivar told us that “… psychoanalysis should pass among the law…” [۷] While Homayounpoor says: ” we do not have any official registration with the Iranian government, neither are we able to offer our students and candidates any sort of certificates or diplomas, as we are not associated with any Iranian University.
We are also not recognized by any International associations officially” and continued “Maybe it has to do with an internal sense of legitimacy of the group, after all is this not what we say about the position of the psychoanalyst that when all is said and done, it is an internal position one must find within oneself in order to become a psychoanalyst. In short the success of the group is about “Desire” for Psychoanalysis.”
Such a big gap! Homayounpoor looks at the words and say them but these words are not coming from her inside.
۸- For their so-called first congress they gathered people from Mashhad [8] and brought them to Tehran for “psychoanalysis” week of Iran (they called it to October 11-17, 2014). They began with the first congress (Sanati was the Congress President and Co-Chair of Scientific Committee) then to “Geographies of Psychoanalysis/Encounters Between Cultures” (by Presidency of Homayounpoor).
They spent about 60 million Tomans for the first congress from public money. The costs of the other one were paid by Homayounpoor, except for the place of congress which was a governmental place so again from public money. This is when in Freud museum she said that “the Iranian government, called it the enemy of state-psychoanalysis- which I think they are right (people laughing aloud) and I totally agree.” [۹]
This association should struggle on, in 2 sides at the same time: one with development of wild psychoanalysis and another one informing people about what is happening and making them sensitive. (And we, members of Freudian association, except our president, are people who have not yet finished our psychoanalysis, so it makes this struggle even more complicated)
۹- The guests of IPA are so whimsical; they don’t ask what the reason is for such a big party. Or they don’t think that it is an investment for Homayounpoor? Spend this much money to receive what? And how could this “young woman” talk about this many followers? Are IPA members so inexperienced that accept whatever Homayounpoor says?!
And we know that the poster of this congress was published nowhere in Iran, while it had a Persian version at IPA website [10]. The first public announcement was in their first congress. What are they doing then?
۱۰- Maybe people who cut of the microphone on us while talking in the first congress, pretended not to hear our voice, threatened us and attacked us, were included in “۱۵۰ members” of that group.
I remembered a question: why didn’t they report about us to police? They could call the police: ” some people are in our congress and asking something aloud and don’t let us have the closing ceremony”. They knew that we were right. They knew that we would repeat our question in presence of police that: “Dr. Sanati! Where is faculty of psychiatrists of England University? (Where he claimed that he received his degree from)” Based on this first lie, he made the second lie: “being psychoanalyst” (although they have nothing to do with each other) and now he has to prove them both.
Some of these 150 people are those who came out of the congress saloon (Geographies of Psychoanalysis) like a huge flood to inhibit us from attending the congress, pushed us and called us names. At that time we were about 9 and they were about 20 or more!
Such a great support! From 2 heads of “Pivot of Sanati- Homayounpoor”
But honestly, no matter how much I count, I can’t reach this “۱۵۰” that she mentioned!
This is years that you know about the number and names of people register in classes of Dr. Kadivar (it is told to us when we register for the first time) but about this group (let me emphasis: a group not a registered non- governmental organization) you can find no information about, nowhere on the net. And this is what she says in that congress: “We do not have any official registration with the Iranian government… So how come we have about 150 members in Tehran and Mashhad, and a continuous and insistence desire for new members to join?” She talks about ” desire for new members to join” while Dr. Kadivar talks about “…desire to psychoanalyst, then desire to unconscious and word…” [۱۱]
The name of their group is said by Homayounpoor or when somebody wants to talk about her: “…She trains and supervises the psychoanalysts of the Freudian Group of Tehran and is Professor of Psychology at Shahid Besheti University Tehran.” [۱۲](She was a professor in Shahid Beheshti University Tehran, just for one semester, but is still accrediting herself by name of that university. Just like the place of first congress they mentioned wrongly in the first email they sent to you.)
۱۱- This is strange that Homayounpoor wrote a book ” Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran” (September 2012) while she has lived in Iran not continuously just for about 4 or 5 years (at that time) and stranger thing is that a movie director has written the foreword on her book (Abbas Kiarostami) not a “psychoanalyst”, this director was the one who mentioned to be the spokesman of opening ceremony for Geographies of Psychoanalysis. He didn’t come but an actor appeared instead.
۱۲- Ghourkhane chi who was referred to as Scientific Committee of Geographies of Psychoanalysis, was managing director of our association in 2008 and was expelled from association in 2008 and after a while we found that in the publication of psychology (for Razi Hospital) not only has he misused the lessons of Dr. Kadivar [13] but also introduced 5 of analysts of Iran (!) in this order:1- Homayounpoor, 2- Dr. Kadivar, 5- Sanati . He was analyzed by Dr. Kadivar for about 2 years and half but now for the sake of greed and other things everything was changed easily.
You have been in the middle of the problems they made for Dr. Kadivar in 2013. “Pivot of Sanati- Homayounpoor” wanted to eliminate her, physically, let alone the things that are not seen by eye, such as her efforts, her lessons, real analysis in the end and appropriate it to their benefit. They deceit the real analysis from people who come to this “door” [۱۴] with difficulty.
While writing these lines, I can’t help thinking “If Dr. Kadivar hadn’t been here, what would have I been doing now?”In the end let me express how grateful I am for writing to you one more time.
Yours faithfully
Member of Freudian association
Soode Rakhsha



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